UAE embrace Sunwipes

After the promotion of Sunwipes in 2015, Novadens introduced an unique product in the market.

The core of the Sunwipes is for as the name explains: "it wipes the sun" or in other words, the wipes will protect you from the Sun.

Before manufacturing the wipes, Novadens and Wet-Nap Europe had done intensively research to create the right amount of sun lotion in one wipe which is needed when people get suddenly confronted with the powerful rays of sunshine.

Just 14 Sunwipes contain as much high quality sun lotion as one 200ml bottle of sun lotion SPF 30, but with the luxury that you throw the wipes away, rather than putting a greasy bottle back in your handbag or pocket.

The Sunwipes design is therefore great for all people who like to be in the sun and cover themselves respectful by not showing of too much of their human skin. One of the area's where we respect to cover up appropriate is the UAE.

Therefore we have been able to deliver a luxury designed Sunwipe gift accessory for our respected customer "My Island Real Estate". It’s a real estate company specialised in creating a solid investment by delivering luxury properties in Dubai. They like to present this unique gift to their customers whilst showing them around in one of their homes.  These homes are chosen based on your requirements and providing the live style the customer wish for.

We all know that International success is created, but never by one single person. That's why we would like to thank other businesses who have been involved in this matchmaking and introduced us to global acquaintances working in the UAE. Co Solo, the event specialist who is already organizing events related to the UAE, organised the GEMS World Academy in Dubai last year. Co Solo (CEO Marco Valk) is our connector and we would like to thank him for his introduction and support.

We are very pleased with the trust "My Island Real Estate" has provided us to design a luxury gift and hope that their customers will be pleased by this present.

In other parts of the world we're also discussing partnerships, we have however got some room for more distribution channels in other countries.


If you feel that Sunwipes will be a great asset to your product range, please contact us to discuss available options.