Sunwipe goes International

Sunwipe goes international through co-operation Novadens and Global Acquaintance

After a personal tragedy whereby Arjan Blom, creator of Novadens,  was struck by skin cancer, he felt the need to educate people and make them aware of the immense strength of sunlight. This immense power is not always visible but can be very harmful. For the majority of the people, the sun is the most beloved star in the world and it will bring a smile on many faces.

But there is also a shadow side of it, where we need the appropriate protection for our body for.

That's why the Sun-Wipe was created by Novadens in co-operation with Wet-Nap. The Sunwipe will give people the needed protection against the sun and is easy to bring along to your favourite outdoor activity or event such as concerts, playing/watching sports, sailing, walking in the park, sitting with a friend and having a drink on a terrace or other leisurely outdoor appointments.

In all those situations you want a first-class and certified sun protection, without the hassle of bringing a heavy and greasy bottle of sun lotion.

What you want is a clean wipe,  which is:

-Easy to use

-Light to carry

-For everyone,  junior and senior people

The Sunwipe is ideal in these situations and being around in the market for some time, Novadens created the possibilities to expand the market by going global. They designed the single packed suntissue, which is impregnated with 14 ml sunscreen SPF 30.

Together with a SIB (Starters International Business) grant provided by the Dutch government, he has signed up to be coached, advised and supported by Global Acquaintance to create international exposure. From the 1st of January 2017, Global Acquaintance will deliver all these services to Novadens in order to make a head start to enter the international trade area.

The co-operation will minimise Novadens' risk to invest huge amounts of time and financials based on research and gaining knowledge, as this is what he found by co-operating with Global Acquaintance. From international sales experiences to global market knowledge, translations and Incoterms, financial risks and the use of a global network. It will all together create a strong base for the Sunwipe to become a successful product worldwide and for all people who enjoy the sun and love to be protected.

If companies are willing to become an agent for this wonderful product ,please send an e-mail to or We are still looking for some distribution channels.